1. Q: How do I become a Partner with an Arize Artist?
    A: Simply click HERE to learn more.
  2. Q: What do I get for partnering with the Arize artist monthly?
    A: There are different levels, or tiers, of support. Each tier offers different gifts and items to thank you for your support.
  3. Q: How is my credit card charged?
    A: You will be charged monthly for your tier of support.
  4. Q: Can I partner with more than one group?
    A: YES!  You can partner with any one or all of Arize's artists.
  5. Q: Do the Arize artists get all of my support?
    A: YES! Arize Partners is powered by Godsey Media Management.  Godsey Media takes a small fee to cover credit card charges and other administrative expenses.
  6. Q: Where do I find my Arize Artist?
    A: Visit www.arize.partners/YourArtist.html
  7. Q: Is Arize Partners a scam?
    A: NO! Arize is creating partnerships with Artists and audiences to create a community of ministry and support.


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